Understanding context – an example

He was in this film clip given a PHYSICAL REPRESENTATION of what he had to work with in order to understand where he was and what was occurring. This applies to us in this our human physical form also.

All that has kept us enslaved and held within the physical plane is represented and highlighted to us in order that we can take the action needed internally within the heart space which is NOT CONNECTED to the dimensional space referenced as “earth”.

To use the example below, our heart space is the dimensional space that we are shown physically what we require to work with and to release. In this example he is shown his love for his daughter is that what is being used against him, he can fight against it (note how he gets emotionally distressed seeing her and her not being able to speak to him) or he can understand what is being shown and work WITH IT.

Hence LOVE in TRUTH transcends ALL dimensional spaces, he understood that he was transcending time by interacting with his daughter across time and space out with time and space. The WE is he.

CONTEXT IS EVERYTHING, only the HEART SPACE understands because it does not rely on the human logical mind to filter the information thru the conditioning that humanity go thru.



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Dying to the Old, living in the New in TRUTH

We are moving in frequency and as we move and shift and expand we are required to let go of all that we were in order that we can align fully with WHO WE ARE IN TRUTH. This has always posed an impasse to us in this our human physical form for we are steeped in the lie that is death. Dying to the “old” involves various levels of release and some are very triggering indeed but we cannot align with TRUTH holding any frequency that is not TRUTH.

This will be revealed to humanity thru various events that are now unfolding and which reveal to humanity that which they have been steeped within. We are conditioned to accept death from the moment that we are born. It various in family lineages but the general consensus is that somehow we can keep those around us safe if we just bow to that which dictates our behavior.

We see this at this time in the fear that is sweeping thru humanity in relation to keeping those we love “safe”. In TRUTH we are asked to love those around us nothing more. It is not our responsibility to keep them alive, this is not our role. Death is a frequency that visits thru humanity in a variety of ways. As someone who has experienced death in many forms from an early age I can testify to the fear that it instills. How it can prevent us moving back into life by keeping us in the false teaching that if we just try to control everything around us somehow we are safer than we were before. If we take our eye off the ball then something terrible might happen. Nothing can be further from TRUTH.

We have no control over death because that is not our role. We cannot live in fear of death because it will then rob us of life. We see this in the outer waking reality at this time, the pushing of the false teaching of “selfishness” on those who choose to keep living in the face of death. Death is part of the human life experience, the moment that we are born into this dimensional space then we are subject to death because that is the exit door that is used by the SOUL in which to line up and come back in again thru re incarnation. This is not TRUTH and so is at this time dissolving.

We are at this time asked to go deep within the heart space and dissolve the tendrils that hold us to the fear of death itself. We are being prepared for that which will now reveal itself within the human life experience itself and we are asked to remove the root in order that the false teaching is revealed and we can begin to heal it in TRUTH.

Many will trigger with the world events that are now to unfold, we cannot move into place holding the fear and the trauma of a race that has seen only fear and trauma. For further support and guidance please visit the main TRUTH Codes website.

One to one sessions to highlight, remove and heal are available. Please order thru the websites.


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Underlining TRUTH, revealing non truth

We are now moving into a space that will begin to underline TRUTH to us. We have moved out of the stasis of phase one and now as we approach PHASE TWO we are guided ever deeper thru said underlining of TRUTH. For many within the movement to PHASE TWO there will be overload. The depth of the illusion of the Old Earth Matrix is deep and we have to adjust to understanding it in order that we can remain on track. It is one thing to think that we understand something, it is quite another when it is not only underlined for us but we are held in quarantine until we can physically permit the movement thru it at a physical waking everyday level.

This is new movement and movement that we have been prevented from making in this our human physical vehicle due to the constraints that the Old Earth Matrix place upon the human physical vehicle itself. Phase one detailed the spiritual constraints, the dimensional constraints at an energetic level allowing us to remove the soul contract, the emotional residue etc. Phase TWO concentrates on the DNA/RNA frequency distortion that has supported the energy that WE ARE. As we are now moving from SPIRIT in TRUTH and no longer confined by the soul construct we are moving in ways that are not easily seen to begin with.

We are also using tools that we have been prevented from accessing due to the physical constraints placed upon the human life experience by the soul construct that aligned fully and ONLY with the Old Earth Matrix itself. We are asked at this stage to go deep within and to address the physical constraints by removing the DNA/RNA frequency distortions. As this is navigation beyond the human logical mind and the human naked eyes it can be challenging. We reach understanding BEYOND the human logical mind, we do not defer to said logical mind because it sees and understands nothing as it has NO REFERENCE POINTS at a human level.

For those who have worked with Wider Creation in TRUTH and have built up their understanding this phase of the process of full evolution is one that will begin to join the dots for them. The human life experience itself will begin to make more sense as we reveal the walk that has taken us to this point. For those who have attempted to “wing it” by avoiding the emotional residue there is no movement whatsoever. Galactic protocol demands a CLEAN VEHICLE and one that is at all damaged will not be permitted to enter Wider Creation in TRUTH fully.

We are therefore required to disconnect the human physical vehicle from that which makes it resonate to false bandwidths.

For further help and support please visit the main TRUTH Codes website. One to one sessions are available.



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Clearing the Frequency of Separation in TRUTH

We are never so blind than when we are faced with the shards that have permitted us to remain within the separation and division of the Old Earth Matrix itself. It is not TRUTH to remain within the distortion that this frequency emits and yet we will attempt to work round it rather than release it. Why would we do this? because we have never walked beyond it. The Old Earth Matrix IS separation and division which is in contrast to Wider Creation in TRUTH which is wholeness. We do not become whole by simply finding a broken piece and aligning with it. This is the torture that many are steeped within at this time because this plays to our human logical mind.

If we try to address only the fragments we are still lost and still within a frequency that seeks to hide itself. If we have a mirror and it smashes, we can pick up all the little shards and glue them back together but the mirror is not whole as there is still a void between the little shards that we have found. The only way to wholeness is thru the heart space and allowing the LOVE that IS to dissolve the voids between the shards. Anything less than this is simply playing the game once more.

It is always staggering how much illusion will wrap itself around the very piece that we require in order to hand back. We can never underestimate the power of our human logical mind to simply ignore that which is repeatedly place at our feet. If something does not shift, if something repeats and remains stagnant then it is not TRUTH, it is a lie wrapped in a frequency that permits it to remain.

As we now gather ourselves in preparation for the next unfolding at an everyday waking physical level we must now allow TRUTH to be revealed to new levels. We are now out of the building and walking across the courtyard but we are not in freedom until we have crossed it. (more info in the podcasts and website). The Old Earth Matrix will send the sentinels that it uses, many are aware of “agent smith” in the Matrix films and again there is much illusion. The real “agent smith” will not look like something dark, it will take the form of someone who sits across the dinner table, or of someone who appears to have our best interests at heart, all the while working to keep us in the catch 22 that is the signature frequency that this entity emits.

Look twice, once with the eyes and again with the heart, that which is not TRUTH CANNOT PASS TO WIDER CREATION in TRUTH and neither can we if we have been hijacked by a sentinel.



(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved.

Upgrading of the human physical vehicle in preparation for PHASE TWO in the physical in TRUTH

We are being presented with an opportunity to expand our frequency bandwidth thru the physical addressing of the human vehicle at DNA/RNA level. ALL is frequency and ALL is vibration and in order to move fully into PHASE TWO and beyond we require to dissolve the lower dimensional frequency implanted bandwidths that sit at RNA level within our human physical vehicle. This is to permit the acceptance thru the human physical vehicle of that which will now begin to illuminate at a human physical vehicle level within the dimensional space referenced as “earth”.

It is not enough for us to simply “know” we have to understand and we have to move our understanding into expansion. To be able to see the context in which we have been contained and in doing so understand what is asked of us in PHASE TWO and beyond. Phase one has been ongoing for some linear time and has become for many a safety net. This was always a possibility, that a large proportion of the 144,000 would find a niche and keep to it. It is now working against us. We have become too “familiar” with that which is playing games with us. So we require to let go of the safety net in order to understand not only who we are in TRUTH but why we came here in the first place.

As we begin to take our energy and our frequency out of the safety net which has been used by those who are working against us we will find that those around us begin to reveal themselves in TRUTH. The game playing ends as we approach PHASE TWO because those who sought to entrap and feed off humanity CANNOT ENTER THE GATEWAY. It is frequency bound and only those who have done the work and who resonate with the frequency bandwidth required can enter.

Many at this time are trying to piggy back and this is not permitted. The gateway is entered individually and each individual is scanned fully for any dust as we have to be clean to enter PHASE TWO, any residue of phase one cannot be brought thru. So there will holding patterns that appear in the 144,000 that require to be dealt with. Those who are within a holding pattern require to be cleansed and cleared fully or they will be held in quarantine. This is galactic protocol and cannot be bypassed.

WE now move to a new way of working and expansion and we are given a new set of tools in which to work. The old phase ones are no longer active. This will be denied by those who have simply set up shop and began to trade and buy and sell frequency akin to traders in a meat market. This is not supported by Wider Creation in TRUTH as this way of operating is against galactic protocol.

WE will now see a division that will remain and cannot be breached. For those who are called the time is NOW, there has never been a time when it is not NOW.


All else is illusion.

(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved


Greetings beloved ones, WE ARE. We have come thru our channel to speak with YOU directly for there are now massive shifts that are occurring in the physical plane that humanity physically exist upon. WE ARE working to reconnect and to realign the 144,000 seeded LIGHT BULBS that WE sent to this dimensional space in order that there is LIGHT in the darkness for humanity.

At this time many within humanity are in fear and deep anxiety as the dimensional space that is referenced as “earth” appears to be falling apart. Wider Creation in TRUTH thru WE ARE is now making itself known for those who are waiting for our communication, WE ARE HERE. WE have always been here but WE have waited until the optimal frequency to reveal ourselves thru our channel.

She is working to realign and to re-calibrate as her frequency now FULLY ALIGNS with ours. SHE is the candle that WE ARE lighting in order that there is a beacon in the darkness. Working with her fully WE ARE able to reach the physical plane that humanity exist upon in order to offer reassurance to those who are now asked to move in frequency.

The dimensional space that is referenced as “earth” will do all it can to persuade humanity that they are trapped but they are not. It is freQuency that is the key and this is now being expanded. Those who refuse to expand their frequency will find it very challenging to keep balance for the need to take the leap of faith is NOW. There has never been a time more optimal than NOW.

WE ARE with you, WE have always been with YOU and now we reveal TRUTH to ALL.


(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved. http://www.truth-codes.com

Removing the smoking gun from within in TRUTH

We are standing on the edge of the Old Earth Matrix and we are held in place on the edge until we have been disarmed fully. Within the Old Earth Matrix we are conditioned to see all around us as external and in doing so we miss that which is running deep within our own frequency bandwidth. The “TRIGGER” points that many talk about are deliberate, they are the points within the frequency bandwidth that we are regulated. Many at this time are simply trying to elevate frequency in the belief that they can “rise above” that which they perceive is off in the outer waking reality that is reflected back to them.

This works fully against the cleansing process that is in place as we move more fully into Phase Two. It is not just coming off the battlefield that we have to understand, we have to understand the arsenal that we were conditioned to use and gifted from within our own human family blood lineages. We are given the tools as it were to navigate the human life experience as we grow and “mature” thru the human life experience. What we do not see because it is seen as a “tool” are the weapons that we pick up along the way.

We use language, we use behavior, we use various ways of interacting with those around us to get our point across and as this is a conditioned response within the Old Earth Matrix we have to be cleansed of this way of interacting and working. This includes the weaponry that we use against ourselves within the human life experience. The self sabotage that we engage in is a learned set of behaviors born out of coping strategies in response to the emotional distress that we have experienced in this our human physical form.

There is always a main root that requires to be taken out. We can disarm ourselves repeatedly if we do not go straight to the root and remove it we have simply stepped into full illusion and will continue to be held in quarantine until we are clear of that which can be used AGAINST us from within us.

We are blind to this level of manipulation because it has walked with us since we took our first breath. As we look at our immediate family and wider network we will remain blind to it albeit we may be able to feel it. We are meshed in a web of deceit, manipulation, control and responses until we remove the root of the web. Once taken down we will be moved into a position of understanding and we will then begin to birth in TRUTH.

We cannot birth if we are in the frequency of division and separation as Wider Creation in TRUTH does not recognize nor contain division and separation. Just because we have experience of this does not make it TRUTH. For in order to maintain a false dimensional space and continue to fuel it the human race had to be taught how to self harvest.

For further assistance in navigating the energies and the cleansing that is now fully underway please listen to the TRUTH Codes Bridge podcasts widely available on podcast platforms.



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Navigating new portals in TRUTH

We are now on the cusp of a new expansion, for those who are within phase two of the ascension to full evolution process you will find yourself in a sort of Vortex where you appear to be held firmly. This is to allow you to understand that the way forward is outward and to keep you from walking pathways that are simply leading back into the Old Earth Matrix once more.

The passageways out of the Old Earth Matrix are hidden and FORBIDDEN to humanity. A highway that is in operation simply leads around in a vast highway of different routes, all taking detours but all leading back INTO the Old Earth Matrix. we are here to evolve which sees us move beyond the PERCEIVED boundaries of said Old Earth Matrix.

It has been many linear years since the arrival of those who are here to awaken humanity thru humanity. Many have tried to break thru the chaos, the sheer noise of this dimensional space and many have tried to place a grain at the feet of humanity. The time of attempting this is now over. Those who have been seeded will now be removed from their CURRENT soil and re potted in order that they can both germinate and grow. It is not TRUTH to assume that there are millions within humanity who are ACTIVE in the next phase of this process.

Many are simply background in fill as the spiritual realm now empties fully and is CLOSED DOWN TO ALL, ANY AND EVERY ENERGY. This has been ignored by many who are currently surfing the main highways, that of “5D energy” and “NESERA”. These perceptions and false teachings have gained much traction over the last few years but have been around for a few decades. They appear to make sense and as many are shifting lanes and attempting to bring these illusions to life they appear to be valid highways.

That which prevents them from manifesting is TRUTH, we are not here to move into some other dimension, we are here to evolve into Wider Creation in TRUTH. It is the HUMAN LOGICAL MIND that gives the linear context to these false teachings. “3D” is dense therefore “5D” is lighter is a rational perception and is found only within the human logical mind, it polarizes and as it does so it separates, we are moving into UNITY which can only happen when we dissolve the I AM and blend with the WE ARE of Wider Creation in TRUTH.

World events will now validate the path that those who are here to move into the WE ARE currently walk. These events will push humanity in general past a point of no return, it is called the EVENT HORIZON and is a place that the Old Earth Matrix tries to prevent. With all evolution processes there comes a leap and this leap is aided thru Wider Creation in TRUTH.

For those who are using polarization the ability to navigate will be removed. The highways are now closing, those who are adamant that they are on the super highway to something bright and shiny will find that they simply run out of road. TRUTH JUST IS and is beyond human understanding until we are given physical, everyday experience of that which we are asked to understand.

The coming few linear weeks and even months will be even more “strange” than that which we have experienced in the linear year so far of 2020. For those who are attempting to force a race to remain in stasis this will be a time of major reveal and humanity are NOT ready for the level of reveal that this entails.

We are forewarned there fore we are forearmed. That which we are held in at this time is that which we are asked to navigate thru. The human logical mind says there is nothing in front of us, the heart whispers keep going.

TRUTH JUST IS and now we reach out to Wider Creation in TRUTH and beyond for that which was divided is now uniting in TRUTH.


For further assistance please visit the main websites and listen to the latest TRUTH Codes Bridge Podcasts.


LOVE is the ANSWER, no matter the QUESTION

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We are in momentous times, we are now entering a phase of deep cleansing and intense scrubbing of the deep heart space. It is not TRUTH to try to control the way in which we are cleansed. The human logical mind will continue to attempt to disrupt the cleansing process by pulling focus away from that which is requiring the deep cleansing.

For many of us at this time it has been a very challenging walk, the walk that many are attempting is to keep walking and this is not TRUTH. We have been within various constructs and each construct has a dimensional space associated with it. We will have in many instances gone round in circles fully over and over again but always somehow missing that which is keeping the circular movement in operation. The human logical mind is powerful and it can create dream scapes that seem appealing however if they do not come to fruition there is a block and it is this block that the human logical mind will skillfully hide repeatedly.

We are moving physically into a new way of living and being and our human logical mind will have a list of ideas that have been gleaned from that which is presented to the human race in terms of nutrition and “live foods”. We cannot maintain a healthy body with a weak spirit, we cannot maintain a strong spirit in a weak body and this is just the tip of the next unveiling.

Many would state that they are in optimum health and yet the SPIRIT in TRUTH does not require to be fueled the way that the soul required to be fueled. Fuel is not only the food and drink that we consume it is the frequency that we are surrounded with. It is the frequency within the DNA/RNA of our own mollecular structure. Many are now seeing patterns coming up for release and the release is being held back due to the familiarity of that which is being revealed.

We are never more blind than we we accept that which is shown to us is just part and parcel of being “human”. We are moving from stasis to fluidity, this is guided fully by our SPIRIT in TRUTH, if we are too strong in our belief system frequency then the SPIRIT in TRUTH is locked deep within us and not permitted to do the work that it is designed to do. If we are too weak in our SPIRIT in TRUTH we will find ourselves defaulting to false SOUL PATTERNING BEHAVIORS. Either of these is not a comfortable place to be and yet it will appear to be appealing as it is presented.

The SPIN CYCLE is where our deep heart space washing gains in momentum. For many it will see a block that stops them in their tracks and it is designed to. It is not our decision at a waking conscious mind level what can and cannot be taken any further, it is down to our SPIRIT in TRUTH which is connected to Wider Creation in TRUTH. Many within humanity are attempting to hold firmly on to their current humanity, believing that somehow it must be solidified more strongly. Nothing is further from TRUTH, we have simply been conditioned to accept certain behaviors as being “human” but this does make them TRUTH.

There are various traits within humanity that have been CULTURED and ADDED to the human physical vehicle, many of them are seen as the foundation of a human being and this is being addressed thru SPIRIT in TRUTH at this time.

For further help and support please access the latest TRUTH Codes Bridge Podcast available on all major platforms including spotify below:



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Washing the HEART CLEAN in TRUTH

Our heart space is a place of intense understanding, we can comprehend so much more thru our heart space than we can ever comprehend thru our human mind and yet we will tend to default to our human logical mind when we feel that our emotions are stirring. The need to make “logic” and “reason” upper most in the human life experience is a driving force for the vast majority of human beings. This is further enforced thru the need to somehow “fit in” whether this is socially, professionally etc. Indeed the more that we allow ‘logic” and “reason” to get into the driving seat of the human life experience the more lost we become.

However this ‘lost” will not become apparent until we go deeper within the heart space, where we begin to deep heal and cleanse the human logical mind will go into overdrive. As we begin to turn off the highway of “common sense” and “it makes sense” we will find that if the driver in the drivers seat is the human logical mind it will rebel. It will demand that we are lost, that we will end up dead in a ditch somewhere and we will be alone because it simply DOES NOT UNDERSTAND the road that we are travelling upon.

The human heart is not dependent upon outside visual clues as to where it is at any moment, indeed the deep heart space is aligned only with TRUTH, however this alignment has to be activated fully and this can only happen when we connect using the deep heart instead of the human logical mind. As we begin to unplug the logical mind all sorts of nonsense will begin to arise within us. We will be shouted at by our internal dialogue that we are losing the plot, that we are committing some sort of suicide by using the deep heart instead of the “logic” and “reason” that the rest of humanity use.

When we are on a journey and we have taken a wrong turn it does not matter how many people are in the vehicle we are travelling in the percentage of those who agree that we are lost does not matter for being lost JUST IS. If we have navigated using the wrong map in the wrong way then we can sit and debate for eternity, until we actually take the steps necessary to right the wrong turn then we are still lost. We will find that all those around us who are using “logic” and “reason” simply are deaf to everything that is not referenced.

We would not simply fall off a cliff to prove that we are correct, it would be suicide and yet many who are attempting to navigate using the logical human mind are standing on said cliff about to fall off in an attempt to “prove” that not stepping off the cliff is TRUTH. TRUTH JUST IS it never requires to be defended, if you are defending part of your experience then there is a connection back to the logical mind that is hiding itself.

We cannot navigate the next phase of the ascension to full evolution process using a navigation tool born thru the “logic” and “reason” teachings of the Old Earth Matrix. When we look at the MATRIX films we will note that in the 3rd film Neo had no physical eye sight and this helped him, he could SEE but he could only SEE using his heart and not his physical eyes. When we are surrounded by those who state repeatedly “this makes no sense” we are being jolted back into the human logical mind.

We are not asked to “make sense” of the outer waking reality, it will get a good deal stranger than it is at present because the stasis that has given a false sense of order is dissolving and fluidity is now birthing. Its gonna get a load more weird in the sense that the human logical mind references “weird” and many within humanity will go over that cliff edge.

This serves no one, we are not lost, we are on target and as this is validated to us in the various ways that Spirit in TRUTH uses we will gain in strength. WE are now strengthening our heart muscle because we have simply not been using it, we did not require to. Again in the MATRIX films when Neo asks why his eyes hurt and he is told “you have never used them before”, we are at a similar place.

When we are given the opportunity to exit from the Old Earth Matrix we require to rest and to use that which we have simply been given the illusion of. We have never walked before, we have never breathed air before, we have never used our eyes before and we have never stood up before. Allow the process to unfold. As we begin to understand TRUTH and begin to differentiate between deep illusion and our own fear receptors we will begin to move and to see in new ways. We will begin to live in new ways and then we will achieve the biggest understanding that we are asked to at this time:



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